First off, this is not your generic warm-up series.

In this series, I systematically take you through movements, stretches, and techniques that are geared specifically to address problem areas in the Jiu-Jitsu player.

These are techniques that I have used daily to get my body warmed up, primed, and ready to train. These techniques are useful for every individual from white belt to black belt and from the young grappler to the older and more experienced one as well.

The series is really easy to follow.

I put everything in a step-by-step format with the technique, description, and reason behind the exercise.

I break down when, how, and why to perform the techniques and how to make them into your own chain of movements.

You will get stretches, muscle activation and postural strengthening exercises, joint mobility techniques, and how to put these techniques together for a complete warm-up.

You can follow along the routine as a whole or go through it in a section by section format.

  • Full Sequence: Follow along the entire series.

  • Dynamic Movements: These are full body movement techniques and walking drills.

  • Neck+Shoulders+Mid Back: Techniques to warm-up the upper half of the body.

  • Low Back+Legs: Techniques to warm up and stretch the low back, hips, and legs.

  • Full Body Movements: These movements incorporate the entire upper and lower body

The concepts I teach will help improve posture, increase range of motion of the joints, allow for increased flexibility of the muscles, and will ultimately lead to decreased risk of injury and allow for improved Jiu-Jitsu performance.