This banded hip mobilization will improve hip motion, decrease pain, and improve guard retention

Hip mobility may be one of the most important aspects to having a solid and mobile guard, great transitions, movement, guard retention, and finishing submissions. The hip joint is so important because the low back and the knee are at the mercy of the hips. What this means is that if you lack motion in the hip, then that stress will be transferred to another area such as your low back, knees, or even your ankles. Placing more strain in these area will lead to injuries over time so this is a major reason why hip mobility is so important. Using a band to provide a mobilization to the hip joint adds another aspect to improving your hips. You are getting a more complete functional mobilization to the area. This is great to perform in addition to stretches around the hip joint such as the hamstrings, hip flexors, and piriformis to name a few. Try these banded mobilizations out and see if you can notice the improvement in motion of the hips and overall reduction of tension as well. Make sure to stretch to comfort with all techniques.

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