Avoiding Knee Injury When Playing De La Riva Guard

In this video, I provide one tip on how to avoid knee injury when playing the De La Riva Guard. Knee injuries are prevalent in BJJ and when playing ths type of guard you can be susceptible to knee injury such as an LCL strain or a meniscus injury due to the pressure on the knee. This is where proper positioning come in. I have my training partner and BJJ black belt Chad “The Beast” Hardy help me out in this video and demonstrate. He is very effective from this position and uses it quite a bit in training and tournaments.

Make sure to check out Chad’s youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuau…

Here are a few of his videos that break down the De La Riva Guard: https://youtu.be/GL592fYnevY https://youtu.be/p_19SjbnTko

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