Explosiveness with Hex Bar To Add Variety and Provide Better Guard Passing

Before trying this exercise, make sure that you have proper squatting and jumping mechanics and have experience with weight-lifting and exercise.
This is not a substitute for a proper squat, deadlift, or box jump. Those exercises are crucial for building the components and foundation necessary to increase strength, power, and explosiveness.

This exercise is meant as a way to change things up and add a bit of variety and should be used as that. Its something a little different and may not be appropriate for everyone but if you want to try something different then give this a try. Its something I have been playing around with to see how I can continue to build and improve the base I already have.

Use a hex bar for weighted jumps to build explosiveness and power which will help with guard passing for BJJ. The ability to push off and explode can help with your ability to pass the guard, perform a take down, and build better overall functional strength.
Resisted jumps are a great way to do all of these things and also build excellent stamina.
Make sure to be controlled with the push off and landing and discontinue if you have any discomfort.
Another great tool to add to your BJJ arsenal which is different and will translate to better BJJ.

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