Stability Finger Taping For BJJ

In a previous video I discussed a finger injury I sustained while training in the gi. While there are numerous ways to tape the fingers for stability, support, and pain, I demonstrate how to tape the finger for a specific injury I sustained where there is a side-to-side instability of the knuckle on my middle finger furthest from the hand (DIP-Distal Inter-Phalangeal Joint).
I focus on not just taping the injured part of the finger, but also taping the joint next to the injury as this helps with providing stability to the area and also assists with limiting bending and straightening of the finger. This technique has helped with pain, stability, and support of the finger which has helped me to continue to grapple and train with much more comfort and a better/stronger grip.
Finger injuries are very common in BJJ and being treated by a medical professional is paramount prior to returning to grappling and BJJ.
Here is the video that discusses the injury I sustained:

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