Meniscus Surgery Vlog: Day 1 and Day 2 Post-Op


Meniscus Surgery Vlog: Day 1 and Day 2 Post-Op

My training partner, Chris, just underwent a lateral meniscectomy. He is a purple belt in BJJ, a lawyer by trade, and a serious competitor on the mats. His game has continued to elevate significantly since he has been training. As we all know, when you put your body through rigorous exercise, injuries can happen.

Knee injuries, specifically meniscus injuries, are prevalent and common in BJJ as well as other grappling sports, and sports in general. Chris initially injured the left knee a month or so back. He tried to treat the knee conservatively with stretching range of motion, and ice. He would regain function but would continue to have flare ups every 3-4 days. I wanted Chris to give me insight on what its like for him to go through a knee surgery such as a lateral meniscectomy.

Since this is his second surgery on the same knee, he has had experience with this and can absolutely give insight from a patient perspective on his progress, how he is feeling, and how the recovery process has gone.

I asked Chris if he would let me chronicle his recovery and keep a vlog on his progress. I will keep a running log on his recovery from post-op Day 1 all the way until he returns to the mats.

Some background on Chris is he is 44 years old, overall good health. Just normal wear and tear on the knees but nothing significant.

The first left knee injury occurred at an open mat when he applied a body triangle from the back and his opponent put pressure on his toe which caused the knee to give out. He trained for a year with recurring symptoms. Chris had a medial bucket handle tear on the left knee which required surgical intervention with a medial meniscectomy on August 14, 2016. He returned to BJJ and grappling at four weeks after surgery.

The current knee injury was again to the left knee, but this time to the lateral meniscus. The injury shown on an MRI was a lateral bucket handle tear (outer part of the knee). This injury occurred with a normal movement from the half-guard position during jiu-jitsu practice. He underwent a lateral meniscectomy where the torn tissue was removed.

I will start a running video blog of Chris’ recovery process from post-op to when we start rehab on the knee.

This is the progress that Chris has made. Everyone progresses, heals, and recovers and a different pace based on many different factors. This blog is meant to be an insight into Chris’ recovery and should be viewed as an educational tool.

As a Physical Therapist and a BJJ practitioner, I feel that I have a good idea and perspective on what it will take and require for Chris to return to grappling and competing again. I understand the movements, positions, and techniques that will stress the knee and Chris and I will work together to get him back to 100%.