One Great Tweak To An Effective Shoulder Strengthening Exercise For BJJ

An excellent adjustment for shoulder strengthening and health and preventing injury for BJJ. This exercise is great for static stability, dynamic stability, and range of motion of shoulders. A great exercise all around and will help with shoulder health and injury-prevention.
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How to strengthen the wrist, elbow, and shoulder for BJJ with one exercise

There are multiple variations when performing exercises and numerous ways to perform each exercise. In this video we use a kettle bell with the “bottoms up” approach.
When you hold the kettle bell upside-down, it forces the stabilizing muscles in the wrist, elbow, and shoulder to be activated even more than when using a traditional dumbbell.
When training BJJ, stability ad strength of the entire arm is crucial to maintaining health and preventing injury. A solid exercise that takes some practice but i very beneficial to preventing upper extremity injury and helping your BJJ game.

Exercises to Treat BJJ-Related Sciatica Even If You Sit All Day at Work

If you have sciatic nerve and hip pain but can’t find the time to alleviate your symptoms because you sit all day at work, then try these simple and effective variations that can be done anywhere.

The first stretch is a performs stretch known at the Figure-4 Piriformis Stretch which is modified to be performed in a sitting position.

The next stretch is a seated hamstring stretch. Also important for stretching the tissue in the back of the leg that gets tight and painful when you experience sciatic nerve symptoms.

Make sure that you are in a sturdy chair that does not have wheels as you want to make sure the sitting surface is stable.
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How to use a heavy bag for shoulder stretching and mid back strengthening for BJJ

A heavy bag is a really versatile tool. Its great for solo drilling, but also is a great piece of equipment for shoulder stretching, mid back strengthening, and improvement of muscle function.
These exercises and techniques are valuable for a warm up, cool down, or even for corrective exercise and maintenance work.
A modification on some basic exercises sequences that are beneficial for injury-prevention.

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2 Exercises To Help with Plantar Fasciitis Pain For BJJ

Heel and foot pain can hinder movement, explosiveness, takedowns, and even guard passing to name a few. Here are two simple and easy exercises to help with plantar fasciitis pain for BJJ.
Its important to start these exercises as soon as you feel the onset of symptoms to prevent the pain from getting worse.
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One Simple Exercise To Improve Shoulder and Spine Mobility For BJJ

Improve Shoulder Motion and Spine Mobility For BJJ With One Exercise.
This is a great and effective technique to warm up your shoulders and increase motion through the spine. Very simple to do and can help get your body warmed up and ready to train.

Scapular Strengthening For BJJ To Correct Posture

A quick and easy way to improve posture and strengthen the muscles in the mid back. These are some of the muscle that have a tendency to be weak and are overpowered by the stronger musculature in the front of the shoulders. These weaker muscles include the mid trap, low trap, and rhomboids.
Focusing on strengthening these muscles will not only improve muscle symmetry, it will also improve posture, and improve strength of the shoulders as well.