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The Jiu-Jitsu Therapist Podcast-Episode 25: Joe Baize

On the 25th episode of the podcast, BJJ black belt and leg lock specialist Joe Baize returns. He has been busy competing in submission grappling matches all over and is currently preparing for another EBI event in the future. We discuss his plans for the future and how he has been staying motivated and how […]

Scapular Strengthening For BJJ To Correct Posture

A quick and easy way to improve posture and strengthen the muscles in the mid back. These are some of the muscle that have a tendency to be weak and are overpowered by the stronger musculature in the front of the shoulders. These weaker muscles include the mid trap, low trap, and rhomboids. Focusing on […]

Hand and Finger BJJ Warm Up Plus Easy Tips

I got a question on Reddit regarding hand and finger soreness and what to do about it. Here are a few simple warm up exercises and stretches for the fingers and hands. Included are tendon glides which help get the tendons moving as well as warming up the fingers. I also provide some simple and […]