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A Great Core and Shoulder Stability Exercise For BJJ

Using the push-up plus is a great way to engage and strengthen your core and build shoulder blade stability which are crucial parts of a healthy body/posture and help with success in BJJ. You are focusing on the serrates anterior muscle which helps keep your shoulder blades secure and keeps the shoulder blades from “winging” […]

Stability Finger Taping For BJJ

In a previous video I discussed a finger injury I sustained while training in the gi. While there are numerous ways to tape the fingers for stability, support, and pain, I demonstrate how to tape the finger for a specific injury I sustained where there is a side-to-side instability of the knuckle on my middle […]

One Sport Besides Wrestling To Help Your BJJ

  Have you ever wondered what other sports out there could help with improving your BJJ game? I have realized that a sport that would benefit all in BJJ would be gymnastics. Building strength, body awareness, flexibility, and understanding sequences and patterns is very crucial to learning BJJ-specific techniques and timing. Make sure to also […]