A Great Core and Shoulder Stability Exercise For BJJ

Using the push-up plus is a great way to engage and strengthen your core and build shoulder blade stability which are crucial parts of a healthy body/posture and help with success in BJJ.
You are focusing on the serrates anterior muscle which helps keep your shoulder blades secure and keeps the shoulder blades from “winging” or protruding backward.
If you have difficulty getting into a plank position, then use the modifications shown with an incline position or plank from the knees.
Make sure to be slow, controlled, and aware of your posture.
The elbows remain straight during the movement and your core maintains your body in the proper position.
You can perform for repetitions (3-5 sets of 10-15) or for time (20 seconds to 1 minute).
Ensure that the exercise feels comfortable but challenging.
If you have any pain discontinue the exercise.

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